Monday, July 21, 2008

Homeboy Sandman on Clean and Humble

On this episode of Clean and Humble Radio we are visited by a very special guest.An MC who goes by the name of Homeboy Sandman.Sand came down to clean and humble and talked about everything from keeping it positive to the real meaning of freestyle rhyming!Most important he shared tons of his music with us and even freestyled over a beat that I Flex Unger made for him.Sampling the obvious Mr Sandman 50's tune but I tried to flip it in a different way.Homeboy Sandman killed it on that beat in addition to some grime tracks Peter Gunn played.Soon the entire show and playlist will be up on this page but for now you can peep this show in the archives of viva radio Check out Homeboy Sandman on his myspace pageHOMEBOY SANDMANHe is definatly an MC you will be hearing a lot about in the future cause dude is nice and bringing some positivity and true musicality back to hip hop and you know thats gonna shine through.


MFDoom and Kurious- White Label
Black Helicopters- NonPhixtion
Incarcerated Scarefaces- Raekwon
Sandman Explians It All

Bang_Out- Cx Kidtronik_Ft Rustee Juxx

whats_happinin- DJ Metat ft Durrty Goodz
Second Mic Break

Homeboy Sandman Ft. Jah Dan- citydarker
Homeboy Sandman Ft.3rd Rayl- Gggrraaa

Homeboy Sandman- comrade Punski

3rd Mic Break

Homeboy Sandman Live Freestyle Beat by Flex Unger

Homeboy Sandman grime freestyle


Monday, July 14, 2008

Esopus visits Clean And Humble Radio

So this week Our Friend Esopus Visits Clean and Humble Radio.He brought down some real good records and spoke a little bit about his own music ,which one can find on his myspace page enjoys Dragons and other things of that nature
Hmm what else can I say ?
Things are moving along at Clean And Humble Radio.Me and Peter Gunn are coming through with planned shows in the next few weeks.I spoke with Esopus about many things he has been up to and this episode marks the very first time I rap on air of course not to be taken seriously .
Next week our guest will be Homeboy Sandman now there is a lad who can rap be sure and tune in.Also in the works is Me and Peter Gunn's video arcade show
If you want to be on the show please send us an email
also we love to get mail send us demos send us toys send us your promo vynl etc
Clean and Humble Recording
169 54th street
Brooklyn NY 11220

Hope to hear from you soon

Clean and Humble Radio Play List

  • Red Pepper -Roosevelt Fountain and Pens of Rhythm
  • Chittlin Juice - Gene Ludwig


Brooklyn, NY
Clean and Humble Radio is a podcast out of Clean and Humble Studios in Brooklyn, NY, hosted by Flex Unger and Peter Gunn, playing the best in old and new, from dusty soul 45's to dubstep mp3's... YARRRRR....