Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday (LAST MINUTE SHOPPING 1 year anniversary) (archives pt 3)

This show was done in Dec 2008 in the last week before Christmas, but it seemed appropriate to post it on BLACK FRIDAY (ugh).

At the time of the show, all of the records played on the show were for sale for 4 dollars (US) each. I don't know how many of the records are STILL available one year later, but I feel like at least 1/3 of 'em are. So, please contact us if you hear anything you want for THIS Christmas, er Holiday shopping season. Lots of great soul and funk 45's on this show... stuff like Curtis Mayfield, Donald Austin, Kain from the Last Poets, the Jackson 5 and more...

Consume, consume, consume...

The Voting Shoe (Archives pt 2)

My guest on this show was Gabe Cyr aka Teleseen.Listen as we talk political.This show aired one night before the election All the music is election themed and expresses my feelings on this election musically Enjoy

Play list

Cocoa Tea/Dead Prez Voting intro
The Radiants - Voice Your Choice
Curtis Mayfield - Choice of Color
Prince Buster- A Change Is Gonna Come
Skatalites - President Kennedy Mic Break
Starky Brown - Loose Talk
Josey Wales - Ballot Box
Teleseen - Work Will Not Set You Free MIC BREAK
The Dead Milkmen - Plumb Dumb (for Joe The Plumber)
Sick Of It All -- Polatics
Fear -- Lets Have A War
The Minutemen - Joe McCarthys Ghoast
PIL - Socialist Mic Break
Bread --- It Don't Matter To Me
Herbie Mann --- Hold On I'm Coming


40 Acres and a Mule (archives)

A show from way back when way before Obama was president... circ Oct 2008... Listen as two white dudes discuss all manner of black history... enjoy...

Download HERE

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Montreal Show

So, I (Peter Gunn) recently went to Montreal for the first time in a while... I went to a record show and recorded a radio show with my friend Simon, who has a great blog on Quebecois music at

We had a good time, as you can tell from the goofball pictures... It was a good weekend. The weather was just right and there was that nice autumn smell in the air. Got to eat smoked meat and good portuguese food and got some great records, some of which I played here...


Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Detroit Show

Detroit was a castle of records.Record stores in Detroit are the way record stores used to be in NYC before the big take over of stores such as oh I don't know perhaps American Apparel.This installment of Clean and Humble Radio is another on location AV geek squad location recording.I Flex Unger explore Detroit with my guide Mr.Finewine of WFMU Fame.Check out Downtown Soulville Needless to say I bought a lot of soul and funk 45's.Also tried to find out about underground Detroit Rap.I played on this show K Hill a song called Da Instigator also Fat Killahz get ya paper.I also bought a J Dilla Mixtape The Ma Dukes Collection all proceeds goto J Dilla's Mom was happy to contribute. Here is a picture of the playlist for this show

Here is the full playlist for this show:

Red Pepper - Roosevelt Fountain and Pens of Rhythm
Chittlin Juice --Gene Ludwig
Baby Let me Take You --The Detroit Emeralds
I dont know how ---The Superlatives
Maybe So Maybe No--- New Holidays
Yuseff Latif Mr Finewine and Flex Unger talk
Hurt by Love - Silky Hargraves
It's Easy For Two - Mary Wells
Two Lover's - Mary Wells
How You Gonna Play Me - BMW
Sandwiches --Detroit Grand Pubahs
Where They At - Dj Disco D
I Dont - Dj Assault
K Hill - Da Instigator
Fat Killahz - Get Ya Paper
Black Milk- Deanne Iovan
Black Merda- from Force of Nature LP
The Gories- ???


Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Video Arcade Show

This installment of Clean and Humble Radio Peter Gunn dips into his collection of video game themed records.Remember when Pac Mac Fever was all the rage?Well we do!Flex Unger and Peter Gunn take a Clean and Humble Radio field trip to the museum of the moving image in queens.On our way there we got caught up in a good will digging through two tubs of 45's I actually pulled do the Donkey Kong which was played in the show,Peter's copy the man has every video game record so I stepped aside and let him do his thing.We ran into some youths at the museum and when I finally decided to talk with one would'nt you know I pick the one who does not speak English.We then complained to the guard who lied to us and said there was no more video game room,apparently there was a virtual chinwahzaree of games and the room that remains is peanuts compared to what was there.However we were very satisfied with the old consoles and three stand up games.We then hit up the cuban spot.As you know we always talk about our snacks.This weeks snack was milk fruit shakes cuban style and fried fish Peter went for the corn dog.Health nut that he is.I need to stop eating fried shit.Anyway below are some photos of our journey
and the track list and show available for download will soon be up.And that goes for all shows.For the moment you can goto VIVA RADIO

Monday, July 21, 2008

Homeboy Sandman on Clean and Humble

On this episode of Clean and Humble Radio we are visited by a very special guest.An MC who goes by the name of Homeboy Sandman.Sand came down to clean and humble and talked about everything from keeping it positive to the real meaning of freestyle rhyming!Most important he shared tons of his music with us and even freestyled over a beat that I Flex Unger made for him.Sampling the obvious Mr Sandman 50's tune but I tried to flip it in a different way.Homeboy Sandman killed it on that beat in addition to some grime tracks Peter Gunn played.Soon the entire show and playlist will be up on this page but for now you can peep this show in the archives of viva radio Check out Homeboy Sandman on his myspace pageHOMEBOY SANDMANHe is definatly an MC you will be hearing a lot about in the future cause dude is nice and bringing some positivity and true musicality back to hip hop and you know thats gonna shine through.


MFDoom and Kurious- White Label
Black Helicopters- NonPhixtion
Incarcerated Scarefaces- Raekwon
Sandman Explians It All

Bang_Out- Cx Kidtronik_Ft Rustee Juxx

whats_happinin- DJ Metat ft Durrty Goodz
Second Mic Break

Homeboy Sandman Ft. Jah Dan- citydarker
Homeboy Sandman Ft.3rd Rayl- Gggrraaa

Homeboy Sandman- comrade Punski

3rd Mic Break

Homeboy Sandman Live Freestyle Beat by Flex Unger

Homeboy Sandman grime freestyle


Clean and Humble Radio Play List

  • Red Pepper -Roosevelt Fountain and Pens of Rhythm
  • Chittlin Juice - Gene Ludwig


Brooklyn, NY
Clean and Humble Radio is a podcast out of Clean and Humble Studios in Brooklyn, NY, hosted by Flex Unger and Peter Gunn, playing the best in old and new, from dusty soul 45's to dubstep mp3's... YARRRRR....